Bucharest Identity Proposal

Bucharest is the city of hearts. Past, present and future Bucharest is vibrant, temperamental and wholehearted.

It's universe is made of the blending with the heart, the essence of the brand.

Modern, classic, simple. The logo has a progressive style, being a balanced, accessible sign.

Inimești introduces a clear, contemporary, direct language, without excess, a new style in public communication.

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Inimeşti is pumping towards the entire Romanian structure. Having a fast rhythm, a permanent vibration, it knows how to be at ease. Colored by many categories of people, curious, friendly, cheerful, proud or hasty, quick or temperamental. A city that learns fast, borrows and adopts, but is also traditionalistic. Inimești is the city of the wholehearted, a fundamental value of this space. Bucureşti Inimi Eşti.